Mexican American Publication
I am a Mexican American Graphic Designer and creator. I grew up in El Paso, Texas a border city that is south to Ciudad Juárez, a city in Mexico. Despite being around a mainly Hispanic community, I never learned Spanish. Not knowing Spanish has often left me in this feeling of not being Mexican enough. I desire to connect to a side of myself that I don’t fully understand but I am still proud of it, so I used my Senior Project as an opportunity to explore this. Through design, image-making, and researching content I was able to curate and design a publication that shares personal stories of my experiences growing up as a Mexican American and also sharing the experiences of other Mexican Americans. 
You Better Werk
I have a major love for Drag Queens and my love for Drag Queens was my inspiration for my Publication for my Junior year Fall 2018 semester. The final publication was titled “You Better Werk”, and I had a blast designing this book. 

Mental Television
Mental Television is a poster series and publication that explores the emotions that we experience when we are dreaming. When we dream we can feel a high sense of anxiety, fear, and happiness. I created three posters, each poster represents a different type of dream; a sweet dream, a nightmare, and a REM state dream. The publication contains curated articles that give information about dreams and advice on how dreams and sleep can be good for our mental health. I created a lot of image-making using personal photos and lots of colors and textures. 
Digital and Analog Posters
Featured are the two final digital and analog posters from my Systems and Identities class. These two posters were
all about shapes, composition, and using our kit of parts.
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